10 Marketing Tips for Small Practices

I gave a talk at the WA Business of Small Practice Forum on 10 marketing tips for architects. I spoke about Setting up a marketing budget. Investing in quality photography and visualisation. Reaching out to…

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Australian Architecture Awards Calendar

A comprehensive list of significant national and state architecture and interior design awards programs throughout the year. Each awards program is categorised by the month that entries open. This calendar is a work in progress…

How to Take Risks in Your Marketing

Imagine you opened your inbox this morning and found an email from the creator of a massive architecture channel on YouTube. They’re about to shoot an exciting new series showcasing stunning architect-designed homes, and, believe…

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5 Ways Architects Can Improve Website Speed for SEO

Last week I set myself a challenge to improve my website speed using the same techniques I teach my consulting clients. I was tired of scoring “poor” across the board on Google Search Console. I…

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