I give architecture firms the strategy, tools, and habits they need to take control of their future by owning their marketing.
If you're a busy architect trying to win more (and better) clients and have been searching for an architecture marketing specialist, then you've come to the right place.

My goal is to help you develop a marketing, communication and social media strategy that gets results: then teach you how to run the whole process on your own without marketing turning into your full-time job.

You want to do more impactful, more profitable work for more appreciative clients. You believe in your firm, and your work. You want to market yourself better. You've tried to do it alone, but none of it worked the way you expected. You're not really sure why.
You rely heavily on referrals, as you always have. That worked well for a long time, but it's not working like it used to, and you're a little worried about the pipeline of projects coming up. You're concerned that what you're doing right now is attracting less-than-ideal clients.

Here's the good news.... I've helped over 100 architects who were facing the same situation you're in right now.

I know why you're where you are, and how to help you to get where you want to be. I understand why you made the previous marketing decisions you did, and why they didn't work. I'd love to talk to you about all of that, regardless of whether or not we end up working together.

I'm Dave Sharp. I have a Masters in Architecture and worked in practices in Australia and Japan. Since starting my consultancy, I've spent thousands of hours talking to world-class architects about what works, and what doesn't in their marketing - then applying these insights to my consulting process.

I've advised Breathe Architecture, WOWOWA, Patterson Associates, NTF Architecture, Andrew Burns Architecture, FreadmanWhite and over 100 other bold and audacious architects from all over the world on marketing, positioning and social media.
"Dave was an absolute pleasure to work with. Switched on, creative, witty and an impressive ability to explain information and recommendations in simple terms. He never pushed us into anything without helping us to understand how it fits. Dave's guidance helped us grow a new understanding of how marketing and social media can assist our growth and also provided insight into what our peers and other industry leaders do. I look forward to working with Dave again in the future."

Lola Digby-Diercks, Business Development Lead at Breathe Architecture & Nightingale Housing
Marketing Advice for Architects
I offer monthly marketing analysis and advice for architecture firms.

Who is this for:

Small architecture firms who understand the power of good marketing to help attract better clients.

What does the Monthly Strategy Call involve?
Every month we'll meet remotely for a 60-minute video call. During the first meeting, we'll work collaboratively to develop a marketing plan for your firm, then plan out the steps we'll take to get there. We'll then meet every four weeks to discuss a range of marketing topics, review progress, analyse how your marketing is performing, and teach you how to implement my recommendations. I'll also be waiting in the wings in-between meetings to help you out and answer questions via email.

And why do I need a Monthly Strategy Call?
Because without guidance and perspective from an experienced advisor, it's really tough to know whether you are setting the right goals, putting the right strategy in place, creating the right content that will engage your best prospects, and reaching out to the right audiences... and not just wasting your time, money and potential doing little bits of marketing every now and then.

What's in it for you?
- A perspective on how you're really doing. Advising so many firms facing similar kinds of problems has enabled me to ask the right questions, then provide insightful analysis and transformative advice to architects looking to manage their own marketing.

- Actionable advice, not lengthy reports. Each month I'll deliver industry leading advice following a prescribed agenda, carefully and concisely stated recommendations, and then walk you through the steps involved showing you what to do at each stage so that you'll have the skills and tools you need to make progress.

- A comprehensive refresh. We will dive into a range of important topics that will help you transform your approach to marketing, such as: positioning, social media, email marketing, content marketing, your website, getting published and lead-generation systems.

My fee is $300 AUD per month.

Click the button below to schedule a complimentary 15-minute call to determine if my service is right for you.
Interested? Here's what you'll get...
A clear plan
I'll help you develop a step-by-step plan for us to work towards over the next year.
Objective feedback
I'll help you to understand how your firm is seen by the outside world, both the good and the bad.
Email support
I'll answer your questions, and help guide the implementation via email.
Tools and tactics
I'll share the tools, protocols, templates and checklists I've developed from thousands of hours of consulting with architects.
Personal advice
I'll give you specific, actionable recommendations for every relevant marketing channel.
A video recording
I'll record our meeting and send you the video, so that you can rewatch whenever you feel like you've forgotten something.
"Dave is passionate and we have had great conversations. He opened up a whole new world to me. I highly recommend him to any architect who is looking to explore new ways of getting business."

Sergio Mannino, Director of Sergio Mannino Studio
Prefer to test the water first?
Just need help figuring out what a stranger thinks of your website or whether you've nailed your point of difference?
Then the Website Audit is for you!
Who this is for: You've got an established website presence, but you're not sure if it's really working for you, or against you. Your traffic isn't growing, and you aren't seeing the kind of project leads you hoped for. You know something isn't quite right with your strategy, or execution, but you don't know what to do next.

Let me perform an audit of your website, then produce a 60-minute screenshare video diagnosing the problems, along with a list of specific, actionable steps you can take to improve.

What you get:
- A thorough 60-minute video teardown of your firm's website.
- Loads of valuable, practical advice for improvement, as well as a brutally honest outside perspective on how you're presenting your firm to the world (I'm not afraid to call your baby ugly).
- A list of action items so you'll know exactly what to do next.

Turnaround time: 2 weeks
Your investment: $500 AUD

To purchase an audit, click the button below to complete payment. You'll be redirected to a short discovery worksheet to help me ensure that I'm focusing on areas that you need the most help with.
"Dave is excellent at what he does. His strategies and ideas are relevant, realistic and effective. On top of this he is very fun and engaging to work with!"

Simone Robeson, Director of Robeson Architects
Who is this guy anyway?
Dave Sharp has a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Western Australia, worked in architecture practices in Australia and Japan. In 2011, Dave founded Vanity Projects, a social media agency for architects.

Dave writes about the business of architecture on his blog, hosts a podcast called Architecture Firm Marketing, speaks at industry events and can be found on Linkedin & Twitter.

Dave lives in Melbourne, Australia. Outside of work, Dave is a competitive compound archer, bushwalker, camper, gamer & reader.
What size are the firms that you work with?
I have performed most paid services for firms with 1-20 people. My entire consulting practice is built on knowing the differences between firms of different sizes. If you have only two employees, I can help you at the current stage and tell you what is coming next. If you have 20 people, I know your unique issues too.
Speaking of expectations, can you explain further what mine should be?
My work is not a panacea. What clients appreciate the most, though, is an outside perspective on how they are really doing (without pulling any punches), or how to accomplish something without reinventing the wheel. They realise that change is still dependent on them, but they want to be pointed in the right direction based on what has been successful for other firms. I will never know as much about your firm as you do, but I will likely know more about your firm than any other consultant that you work with.

Sometimes I picture this as you standing in a thick fog, not even knowing all the options, much less which one might make the most sense. Because this is familiar ground, I'll walk towards you, grab your hand, and safely lead you out into a place where you can see.

In a consulting relationship, will we have a regularly scheduled call?
I will meet with you once per month. Each session will deal with either an assessment of your situation, a particular issue or recommendation, a review of changes you have implemented or answers to questions around marketing or implementation.
How long should we expect the process to take?
Long-term results take time and consistent effort every month. My carefully planned process will usually take 12 months for the typical firm to see a significant improvement.
If I sign up as a client and decide that I want more assistance with execution beyond your consultation service, how do we continue to work together?
I offer optional implementation services to help my clients fill the gaps in their skillset or to save time.

However, I am extremely cautious about ensuring my advice is not conflicted at any point during our working relationship, so I'll generally refer you to a list of trusted specialists.
How can you help me from Melbourne?
Melbourne is my home base, but I have figured out how to work with firms all over the world. My clients hire me because they think I know what I'm doing and not because I'm nearby. I conduct all engagements via Zoom and Google Docs, which helps me to share screens and record calls for future reference.

Can you show me sample recommendations?

If this is important, you may be too skeptical to benefit from a client relationship. I'd recommend that you read everything that interests you here and on my blog to get a feel for how I think and work with clients, and then just go with your gut. I appreciate new clients taking the time to familiarise themselves with my content.

What are your payment and cancellation terms?
As a consulting client, you are reserving a portion of my capacity each month, and you are responsible for it even if you don't make use of it. Unused hours do not rollover to future months.

If you need to reschedule our agreed upon timeslot, I will happily provide you a number of alternative times for the current month. I will not charge you for last minute cancellations, however 48 hours notice is appreciated and I expect clients to make an effort to make it to our scheduled meetings on time.

I bill my clients automatically each month via Stripe credit card processing. Tax invoices are available via a convenient customer portal.

This policy is applied uniformly with every client - even large firms with atypical invoicing procedures.

I'm not an architect, can we still work together?
My expertise is highly specialised and tested for architecture and interior design practices. I do not offer speculative marketing advice to brands in other verticals. I will happily refer you to someone else.
Who will be working with us?
Dave Sharp does all the consulting. When you engage me, you're working with me directly.
What does your monthly fee cover?
The monthly fee described on my homepage covers my time meeting with you each month, the research I conduct prior to that meeting and a portion of the capacity I have available to answer questions via email and think about your firm between our meetings. It also contributes directly to the tools and apps I use to provide you with useful data and insightful analysis during our meetings.
Is there anything we need to prepare before we get started?
No. My consulting process adapts to architecture firms at every stage of the marketing journey. My typical client has very little experience setting up and managing analytics, marketing budgets, CRMs etc when we first start working together. If you're at a more advanced stage with your marketing, please let me know what data you have available prior to our kick-off meeting and I'll send a request for access.
My firm has plenty of work, how can you help me?
My process adapts to firms at every stage of the growth journey, whether they're just getting started, or they're already the established industry leaders and are looking for new opportunities. I have worked with a number of fast-growing, successful firms who have no trouble getting work. They seek my advice on a wide range of subjects including: improving client quality, systems and processes, delegation and management, reporting to shareholders & boards, auditing external marketing vendors, personal branding, book launches, public speaking, pro bono & philanthropic initiatives and much more.
Now It's Your turn
I empower architects just like you to reach their ideal prospects. Let's talk about how we can do that for you, too.