Yasmine Ghoniem from YSG

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Yasmine Ghoniem is the Director of YSG, a Sydney based studio known for their gutsy and adventurous interiors.

In this episode, Yasmine and I discussed:

  • The marketing decisions that have helped YSG become one of Australia’s most popular and recognised design brands in less than two years.
  • Why Yasmine invested heavily in highly customised branding and website design, even though her clients still primarily come from word of mouth.
  • The steps the studio takes to get their projects published, and why it’s important to take a broad and varied approach to publicity.
  • How Yasmine has been offering advice on an hourly basis through a new platform called The Expert, and why she believes it’s important to make design advice available to more people.

If you’d like to learn more about YSG, you can visit ysg.studio or follow them on Instagram at @ysg.studio.

This episode was supported by Bowerbird. Bowerbird makes it easy to submit your architecture to magazines, newspapers and websites. Visit Bowerbird.io to learn more.

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