Detailed Website Audit

Your architecture firm has an established website presence, but you’re not sure if it’s really working for you, or against you.

Your traffic isn’t growing, and you aren’t seeing the kind of project leads you hoped for. You know something isn’t quite right with your strategy, message, or execution — but you don’t know what to do next.

I’ve advised over 100 architects on website design, SEO, digital marketing and lead-generation.

“You know how you always wonder whether your website could be better, but don’t know where to start? Just talk to Dave. Dave’s advice was really clear, and he explained exactly what we should do, rather than what we might do. This meant it was really easy to implement the changes he recommended. At the same time, he was very aware of how Office S&M do things differently, and discussed our ideas before providing his advice. We’re always keen to work with people who are better than us, and Dave is definitely that.”

Hugh McEwen, Office S&M

Here’s how it works

This is a comprehensive, page-by-page website audit where I will not only identify the major issues on your site and share my overall impressions, but I’ll also explain the simple steps you can take to fix these problems.

My analysis will cover critical website issues such as:

  • Copywriting quality and persuasiveness – do you sell me on your firm?
  • Page structure – is your site informative, and easy to use?
  • Project selection – is your portfolio communicating well?
  • SEO – could this website rank higher?
  • Branding and aesthetics – how is the look and feel?
  • Visitor experience – am I likely to take the next step?

This audit will be delivered in the form of a 30-minute screenshare recording, accompanied by a 1-page summary of my recommendations and next steps.

Once you’ve had the chance to review the audit, we’ll book in a 60-minute consultation to answer your questions and help refine your plan for improving your site.

What’s included

  1. An easy to understand 30-minute video audit of your firm’s website.
  2. A 60-minute follow-up consultation to answer your questions and discuss next steps.
  3. An honest and unbiased perspective on how you’re presenting your firm to the world (I’m not afraid to call your baby ugly).
  4. A clear list of action items so you’ll know exactly what to do next to improve your website and marketing results — with a specific focus on copywriting issues, positioning, SEO and user experience.’