Webinar: Social Media Ads for Architects

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Want to test out Instagram and Facebook ads to help you reach your ideal residential clients… but don’t know where to start?

This webinar will walk you through the steps to setup a simple (but effective) ad campaign that will help you generate residential project leads right away, for as little as $60 a month in ad budget.

​We setup a campaign together from scratch, as I show you the exact settings and targeting options I use when I create these campaigns for my coaching clients.

Here’s what I cover:

  • ​Should you run ads on Facebook, Instagram, or both?
  • ​The best targeting settings to use for your ads to reach quality clients.
  • ​How to pick images and write text for your ads that get results.
  • ​Where do you send people? I’ll show you the hidden landing pages that have worked for my clients.
  • ​Find out what other architects are doing: I’ll show you a tool you can use to see the ads your competitors are running.
  • ​Setting a budget. How much should we spend?
  • ​How to tell if your ads are working. I’ll explain the different stats Facebook give you, and what you need to aim for.