Interview with Celeste Bolte

Published Categorized as Podcast

This week Celeste Bolte from Bowerbird invited me onto the @_parlour Instagram live stream to chat about our current thoughts on social media for architects.

Skip to the 3min mark to get past the dodgy wifi issues.

Video topics:

  • Common issues practices face.
  • What to do when you have no content?
  • Figuring out your audience.
  • Building confidence as a marketer.
  • What big firms struggle with on Instagram.
  • The value of video as a communication channel.
  • Increasing social media frequency.
  • Using Instagram stories.
  • Importance of consistency.
  • Curating other people’s work.
  • Using analytics and insights.
  • Tools to make scheduling easier.
  • How I use hashtags.
  • How to start slow.
  • The value of the architecture community.
  • The future of Instagram, the death of Facebook and what comes next?

As always, I love your feedback and ideas, so let me know what you think about these topics below!