Mastering The Business Of Architecture – Interview with Ray Brown

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In this interview I talk to Ray Brown, a business coach for architectural leaders and co-founder of Archibiz. Ray has been a business coach and entrepreneur for over twenty-five years with a passion for helping architectural entrepreneurs find their potential by providing the fundamentals necessary to have and maintain a successful business.

Join Ray and I as we break down the importance of concentrating on business basics and fundamentals to reach success. Ray explains how critical a mindset shift can be for architectural leaders to have a great business performance. Ray also shares information about his new online workshop that can help you develop the business fundamentals needed for your business success.

In this conversation we discuss many aspects of the business of architecture….

[00:00] Introductions
[00:33] Introducing the Guest
[01:35] Where Ray’s Interest in Architecture Started
[02:43] The Concentration on Business Basics and Fundamentals
[03:19] Warning Signs for Architects in Business
[05:00] The Importance of Having a Mindset Shift
[06:36] Ray’s Three Key Certainties
[09:33] Describing the Shift of Perspective from Profession to Business
[11:30] The Process to Determining the Business’ Vision
[13:31] Objectivity and Structure in the Improvement Process
[14:30] Why Some Are Resistant to Structure and How It Can Make All the Difference
[16:45] Business Improvement Process
[20:02] Implementation and Reflection in Business Improvements
[23:04] Maintaining the We in Business
[27:18] How to Start Positioning with Clients
[33:15] Determining Business Vision and Positioning to Future Clients
[40:56] Building a Relationship for When the Time Is Right
[45:23] Ray’s Comfort Story
[47:16] Ray’s Current and Future Projects
[52:01] Developing Business Fundamentals for the Whole Practice
[54:33] Closing Thoughts