Aaron and Phillip from Regional Design Service – Engaging, Advocating And Educating In A Small Rural Community

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Aaron Nicholls and Phillip Nielsen are the directors of Regional Design Service, an architecture practice based Corowa, a regional town located on the New South Wales and Victorian border about 3 hours drive from Melbourne.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • The reasons they left Melbourne to start their practice in a regional town (despite warnings from their peers).
  • How they’ve engaged with the local community through events, exhibitions and local government to improve local awareness of the values and principles of architects.
  • Why they remain connected to their urban counterparts and promote working in regional practice.
  • Some of the challenges of the local construction market.
  • Why they hired a communications person and what their role entails.
  • How Aaron and Phillip approach their different roles in the business
  • The strategies they use to elevate their digital marketing.

If you’d like to learn more about Aaron, Phillip, and the team at Regional Design Service, you can visit regionaldesignservice.com or follow them on Instagram at @regional_design_service.

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