Q&A Special: Positioning, Marketing When You’re Time-Poor, Copywriting With Personality, Winning B2B Clients and Overcoming Social Media Anxiety

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In this special Q&A episode, I give my take on questions you’ve sent into the podcast, covering topics such as:

  • You know you need to figure out your firm’s ‘message’, but where do you start? And who can help?
  • Many architects are struggling to find time for marketing during the pandemic. What should you do if you only have one hour each week to work on marketing?
  • When it comes to copywriting for your website, is it okay to adopt a friendly, personable tone when it seems like every other firm is boring and aloof?
  • You’ve identified a commercial sector you want to generate work in, but how do you build your network and win your first clients?
  • Posting on social media can be stressful. How do you overcome that Instagram anxiety?

If you have any marketing questions, please send them to me at dave@vanityprojects.com and I’ll answer them on the next Q&A episode.