One More Project

Published Categorized as Strategy

Do you need another finished project to really start your marketing?

A lot of architects think they do. It’s what we’re all holding our breath for.

“We have a new project that’ll be finished and photographed in four months time, should we wait until then?”

I hear that all the time. Small firms need project 10, big firms need project 100.

Nobody is ready to work with what they already have. Everyone needs one more project.

We all have unrealistic expectations that our new projects will do much better than our old ones did.

More likes, more calls, more magazines with our names on the cover.

But, did your last project meet your high expectations? Or the one before that?

We tell ourselves that “it’s different this time”.

But what difference does a new project really make?

It’s a gamble. Maybe there’s a 5% chance that the project will catch on. Maybe it’s even lower.

You can shift the odds in your favour a little bit, but it’s basically random.

New architecture projects are always hit or miss: no matter how much time you spent designing it.

Some bad projects go viral, some great ones flop.

Effective directors don’t avoid taking action today in the hope of winning a big jackpot in the future. They make daily, incremental progress in the areas they can control.