Efficiency, Simplicity And Working Internationally With Nic Brunsdon

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Nic Brunsdon is an architect based in Perth, Western Australia.

Nic first appeared on this podcast in 2017, in fact, he was my very first guest. I was super keen to get Nic back on for another episode, because he’s been on an absolute roll the last fear years.

His most recent built projects, The Tiing, a resort in Bali, North Perth House, and now East Fremantle House – have won a pile of national and international awards, and been featured in many of the major international architecture publications.

Nic has also re-designed his business from the ground up during this period. He’s renamed from Post- architecture to Nic Brunsdon, and started building up a team both locally, and internationally, to allow him to deliver projects all over the world.

In this interview, we discussed Nic’s approach to explaining his projects in simple, relatable ways both online and in the media. How he’s been able to use PR and social media to stimulate word of mouth and generate highly qualified leads. We also discussed Nic’s workflow for handling project enquiries efficiently, how he selects for his ideal clients, and how he structures his fees to reflect the value he brings to the initial phases of a project.

If you’d like to learn more about Nic and the projects we discussed during this interview, you can visit nicbrunsdon.com or follow him on Instagram at nicbrunsdon.