Monique Woodward from WOWOWA – How To Be Authentic, Deliberate and Personal In Your Marketing

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Today I’m joined by Monique Woodward from WOWOWA, a medium-sized practice based in Melbourne whose work embodies the philosophy that “life’s too short for boring spaces.”. Monique and her husband Scott launched the practice in 2010 with a focus on colourful, playful family homes, but today their 13-person studio is also working on a number of exciting public and community projects.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How Monique was able to carve out a distinctive brand in the residential market
  • How she was able to identify with her ideal clients and put her authentic self forward in her marketing and communications.
  • Monique’s techniques for winning new types of work, whether it’s through video or self-generated project ideas.
  • The steps she took to uncover new opportunities for WOWOWA to contribute to the local community through public projects and collaborations.
  • How you can develop a stronger personal brand in architecture.
  • Monique’s tips for figuring out your point of difference.
  • The importance of finding mentors and teachers along the way.

If you’d like to learn more about WOWOWA, you can visit or follow the practice on Instagram at @wowowaarch.

You can also follow Monique on Instagram at @monique__woodward.