Mat Hinds from Taylor + Hinds – Uncovering The Project Narrative

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Today I’m joined by Mat Hinds from Taylor + Hinds Architects, a Tasmanian practice Mat and his partner Poppy Taylor founded in 2013.

Taylor + Hinds are known for uncovering the histories and stories of Tasmania in their work—and their approach to architecture, and the way it’s communicated, is serious, critical and rigorous.

In this episode, we discussed Mat’s thoughts on a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Why Mat and Poppy have made the choice to remain a small practice, and how that allows them to be more selective in the projects they accept.
  • Why Mat believes architects shouldn’t be afraid to use complex architectural language when necessary to communicate their ideas.
  • How the studio has learned to price their work in a way that reflects the true value of what they do.
  • The key criteria that the studio looks for in the right client.
  • The questions Mat asks new clients to uncover the narrative of the project.

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