Kerstin Thompson from Kerstin Thompson Architects – Clarity, Advocacy and Expanding Architecture’s Reach

Published Categorized as Podcast

Kerstin Thompson is the director of Kerstin Thompson Architects, a large Melbourne-based practice established in 1994. KTA works across a variety of projects spanning architecture, interiors, landscape and urban design – with a focus on strong, clear design ideas and buildings that forge connections with their surroundings.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How the practice made the transition from small residential projects to their first public buildings.
  • The importance of Kerstin’s time teaching architecture and how it helped her hone her communication skills.
  • The challenges of growth and how Kerstin balances her time working on projects as well as the demands running a 45-person practice.
  • How she is able to remove herself as a bottleneck in the design process while ensuring the firm’s work is strong and clear.
  • Her thoughts on the importance of being a generalist practice rather than getting pigeonholed.
  • How Kerstin’s writing and public speaking help her to attract likeminded clients.
  • Why it’s critical to be an advocate for architecture whenever you get the chance.

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