John Ellway – A Less But Better Approach To Marketing

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John Ellway founded his Brisbane-based architecture practice in 2017 and describes it as a small practice with a love for creating the places inspired by travel, memories, landscape, material and location. His goal is to create functional and simple spaces that delight and surprise.

In this conversation, John and I spoke about:

  • His relaxed, less is more approach to marketing.
  • Why successful marketing hinges on a high-quality project.
  • Why he made his website a single page.
  • Why and how he invests significant resources in commissioning films about his projects.
  • Why he’s conscious about avoiding growing too fast.
  • The steps John takes to get published.
  • John’s process for creating his project descriptions.
  • How John uses site visit tours to teach people about his work and learn from their reactions.
  • How he describes his projects without archispeak.

If you’d like to learn more about John, you can visit or follow him on Instagram at @jellway.

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