How An Architect Can Start A Podcast With James Murray From TANDEM Design Studio

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Joining me on the podcast today is James Murray, a director at TANDEM design studio, a medium sized architecture firm with offices in Melbourne and Brisbane.

James and his colleagues have recently launched a podcast series focused on public markets (the ones that sell food, not shares in companies). They’ve also begun writing and sharing detailed articles on pre-fabricated building technology, housing affordability, the future of shopping centres – and other topics they have first-hand experience in from their architectural projects.

While it’s still early days for TANDEM’s thought leadership content, I wanted to speak to James and get a look behind the scenes of how it’s made, how the COVID-19 pandemic spurred them into taking their marketing seriously, and how architects can build an audience of potential clients who place a value on their knowledge, and not just their design skills.

If you’re looking for new ways to market your firm, but you have trouble unlocking your expertise and packaging it in a way that can be shared freely with potential clients, then you’ll get a lot ideas and motivation from this conversation with James.

If you’d like to learn more about James and TANDEM Design Studio, you can follow these channels:

You can also listen to the podcast by searching for TANDEM TALKS: The Public Markets Podcast on your podcast app.