How To Make A Visual Architecture Marketing Plan

Published Categorized as Strategy, Tools

Architecture firms ask me a lot about marketing channels.

Should we use Pinterest? LinkedIn? Instagram Stories?

Here’s the problem I have answering these questions: aside from finished project photos, most firms don’t have relevant, engaging content to share on any of the major platforms.

We’re turning up empty handed.

We just have photos, and we expect them to do A LOT for our firms – educate people, inspire them, build trust.

That’s asking too much from nice photos of buildings.

We need to start making content from scratch. Video, writing, or audio. This stuff is hard to make. It takes practice. But, once we have it, we just have to share it in the right places, then focus on making more of it.

This video quickly demonstrates a simple marketing plan that a firm could stick up on the wall and follow.

The specific goals, content ideas and channels are just examples: your firm will do something totally different. But, the process is the same. Goals > content > distribution.

I’ve found that this visual approach really helps architects to simplify their marketing strategy and make it digestible and straightforward.