Marketing Checklists

This collection of marketing checklists will help you to promote your architecture firm in the right way, to the right audiences to attract better quality clients.

Rather than generic marketing checklists, this collection is unique in that it’s informed by thousands of hours spent coaching and advising principals of small and medium sized architecture firms from all over the world, and every sector of the construction industry.

Checklists in this collection

Who these checklists are for

I’ve chosen marketing channels that are relevant to the greatest number of architecture firms. Whether you’re small, or big, focused on housing, or commercial buildings – chances are your firm will probably still be marketing on the channels covered in this collection. They are Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Google, email and the media. You’ll just approach each of them a little bit differently, depending on your goals and target audience.

How to use these checklists

Each section will focus on a different marketing channel or strategy. Every page has a list of decisions that need to be made for your firm, and a checklist for you to implement.

The list of decisions you’ll need to make are framed as questions. That’s because what works for one firm won’t work for another. Your job is to think through each question, or discuss it with your colleagues, and arrive at a decision you’re happy with. The final decision doesn’t have to be perfect, just good enough.

I’ve laid out this collection in an order that I believe would suit most architecture firms, but please feel free to skip around as needed.

The marketing checklist

This checklist ties together all of the repeatable, routine tasks you’ll be responsible for on an ongoing basis if you choose to implement every section of this guide.

Daily tasks.

  • Respond to comments on LinkedIn & Instagram.
  • Leave thoughtful comments for others on LinkedIn & Instagram.
  • Post Instagram Stories.
  • Gather interesting links and content.

Weekly tasks.

  • Queue Linkedin posts.
  • Queue Instagram feed posts.

Monthly tasks

  • Create long-form content.
  • Send an email newsletter.

Quarterly tasks

  • Create project media kit and pitch to journalists.
  • Monitor, optimise and refresh ad campaigns.