Instagram Stories and Paid Promotion Checklist For Architects

Upload Instagram Stories to help build your brand, and give your followers a glimpse into the day-to-day of your design process.

To conclude the Instagram content in this guide, I’ve also added steps on how to boost your top-performing feed posts using Instagram’s paid Promote feature. This is a key strategy for growing your Instagram account.

Decisions required.

  • What are the different types of Stories our firm should be creating?

Start monitoring your favourite Instagram accounts to collect or save examples of Stories you like. Try to identify a handful of different approaches that you could replicate on your account.

  • How often do we have time to consistently post stories?
  • Which Instagram Story Highlights should we pin on our profile?

You could use your Story Highlights to introduce new followers to your most popular projects, show testimonials, talk about your services, introduce your team, and much more.

  • Looking at Insights, which five posts have performed best over the past year in terms of reach?

You can access Insights via your settings menu. Click on “Content you shared” to open a list of your posts over the past year.

  • If we run Promoted posts, who should we target?

Instagram promotions uses basic targeting options like Age, Location and Interests to show your ads. What are the demographics of your typical client?

Action items.

Instagram Stories

  • Begin scheduling your own stories showing random highlights from your firm’s day-to-day activities using Later app.
  • Setup Story Highlights on your profile.
  • Add your new stories to the appropriate Story Highlights.

Promoted Posts

  • In Instagram, open the first of five highest reach posts (from Instagram Insights).
  • Click “Promote”.
  • Send people to your profile.
  • Select ‘Create your own’ audience.
  • Name the audience.
  • Select a relevant geographic boundary.
  • Search for your chosen interests.
  • Define an age and gender range.
  • Set the budget at $1 per day for 30 days.
  • Attach a payment method.
  • Repeat with the next four posts.

Facts: I typically see $1 of ad spend resulting in 5.8 profile visits, 136 people reached, and 1.17 followers on average.