Facebook and Instagram Advertising Checklist For Architects

Setup a Facebook and Instagram ad campaign to help connect your firm with your target audience.

Decisions required.

  • Which Interests or Demographic options will we use to classify each segment?

When choosing Interests, think bigger picture than just Architecture. What about minimalism? Environmentalism? Luxury goods? Fine art? You could even target people who are interested in specific public figures.

Here is a great video explaining the different targeting options.

  • What is the goal for the campaign? Brand Awareness, Traffic, or Conversions?

These are the major targeting options you’ll be asked to choose from. They tell Facebook what you expect to gain from this campaign. Facebook will show your ads in different ways depending on your goal.

Brand awareness: Facebook will show your ads to people who meet your target criteria, and are likely to pay attention to the ad in some way. They may not necessarily click on it. This is your widest possible audience.

Traffic: Facebook will show the ad to people it believes are most likely to click the ad and visit your website. This will reduce the total number of people who see your ad, but lead to increased clicks.

Conversions: This is a specific goal you set for Facebook, such as completing a form on your site or visiting a key page like the contact page. This sounds ideal, however since the “conversion goal” needs to happen frequently enough for Facebook to understand whether it’s showing ads to the right people or not, it may not be suitable for most architecture firms. Our key goals just don’t happen that often.

  • What problems does this target audience have that you can solve?
  • What is an appropriate advertising budget to allocate to this project on a monthly basis?
  • What will be the starting point of your ad copy for you to create variations from?

When writing copy, it’s important that you identify the problem, explain how you solve it, and clarify what the benefit of solving it is.

  • Which image, or video should you use as ad creative?

You can also use a collection of project images to create a slideshow.

  • Which page on our website should we send people to when they click the ad?
  • What action should we track on our site that will tell us whether or not the campaign is working?

Action items.

  • Create a Ad Manager Events custom conversion for your chosen result.
  • Create a new campaign in your Facebook Ad Manager (select your chosen campaign objective).
  • Create an ad set for each client segment (use distinctive ad set names).
  • Apply the targeting criteria to each ad set.
  • Set Instagram Feed and Facebook Feed as placement options (disable other options).
  • Set a daily campaign budget.
  • Create 3 ad variations inside each ad set.
  • Link the ads to your chosen landing page.

Follow these extra steps if you are using a conversion goal for the campaign.

  • Setup a /thanks page on your website to send visitors to after they ‘convert’.
  • Modify your forms, or Calendly event to redirect successful submissions to your /thanks page.
  • In ad manager, go to Events Manager in settings, select your pixel and “Create Custom Conversion”.
  • Set the URL contains rule to include ‘thanks’ (or the chosen URL of your thanks page).
  • Name the conversion, select an appropriate category and save.
  • Return to your Ad Set settings, and select the custom conversion as the Conversion event.