Email Marketing Checklist For Architects

Create an email list to gradually add leads to, and develop a habit around sending relevant, interesting and evergreen monthly emails to help your firm remain top of mind.

Decisions required

  • How can we ensure that we are providing value?

Remember: What is the benefit of reading your emails? Do they make me smarter? Do they save me time? Do they inspire me? Do they provide an alternative point of view?

Typical architecture newsletters that update your readers on your projects under construction are very boring. They don’t work. A better approach could be to send things like:

  • Interesting articles, podcasts or videos you’ve been following.
  • A short story, or mini-blog post.
  • A resource, tool, calculator or checklist.
  • A long form piece of content you’ve created like a video, podcast or blog post.
  • An invitation to a webinar, or event you’re hosting for your subscribers.
  • A round-up of the best architectural inspo or products you’ve found this month.
  • Will these emails be useful in 12-months time if we send them again?

You’ll eventually use your best emails to build an evergreen welcome sequence, so try to make your emails as ‘timeless’ as possible so that you can use them again.

  • Will our emails have a consistent template, structure or formula that we follow each time?
  • Who belongs on our email list? Who is this email newsletter for?
  • Do we need to create segments within our list for different client groups?
  • Do we need to create a new list, or do we already have one?
  • Do we need a graphic designer to help with our template, or just use plain text?
  • Which highly trafficked areas of our website should we insert the email sign-up form?
  • What is a realistic posting frequency for our firm?

Action items.

  • Setup a Mailchimp or Convertkit account and create your email list.
  • Write a short pitch/summary for your list. What’s it about? Who is it for?
  • Integrate sign-up form on website (tutorial).
  • Sweep email inbox, or CRM, and add relevant contacts to our email list.
  • Setup a re-usable email campaign template.
  • Write and send your first email.

Don’t spend too much of your first email explaining your reasons for starting a regular newsletter… just get straight to the good stuff.