George Bradley From Bradley Van Der Straeten Architects

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On this episode I’m chatting to George Bradley from Bradley Van Der Straeten, a small residential firm based in London. George is also half of The Two Architects, a pay as you meet platform where George and his co-founder Ewald meet with clients on an hourly basis to provide online architectural advice.

George is the host of Another Architecture Podcast, which he launched in May of last year. Since then, he has interviewed a bunch of amazing architects to discuss their projects and practices, with each 1-hour episode diving into the detail and challenges of a specific house in that architect’s portfolio.

I wanted to invite George on to talk about what it’s like to explain and talk about architecture in a non-visual medium, his thoughts on podcasting as a communication channel for architects, the advantages of shining the spotlight other architecture practices rather than his own work, and how The Two Architects allows BVDS to cater to different kinds of clients without diluting their firm’s brand.

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