Dave Sharp

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A little bit more about the way I work, what you can expect, and what the process looks like.

I have performed most paid services for firms with 1-20 people. My entire consulting practice is built on knowing the differences between firms of different sizes. If you have only two employees, I can help you at the current stage and tell you what is coming next. If you have 20 people, I know your unique issues too.

My work is not a panacea. What clients appreciate the most, though, is an outside perspective on how they are really doing (without pulling any punches), or how to accomplish something without reinventing the wheel. They realise that change is still dependent on them, but they want to be pointed in the right direction based on what has been successful for other firms. I will never know as much about your firm as you do, but I will likely know more about your firm than any other consultant that you work with.

Sometimes I picture this as you standing in a thick fog, not even knowing all the options, much less which one might make the most sense. Because this is familiar ground, I’ll walk towards you, grab your hand, and safely lead you out into a place where you can see.

I will meet with you once per month. Each session will deal with either an assessment of your situation, a particular issue or recommendation, a review of changes you have implemented or answers to questions around marketing or implementation.

Long-term results take time and consistent effort every month. My carefully planned process will usually take 12 months for the typical firm to see a significant improvement.

I offer optional implementation services to help my clients fill the gaps in their skillset or to save time.

However, I am extremely cautious about ensuring my advice is not conflicted at any point during our working relationship, so I'll generally refer you to a list of trusted specialists.

My main deliverable is insightful analysis and transformative advice. The focus is not on long reports or even reports at all, and in fact my recommendations are short, concise, and only in outline form. I can then expand and discuss nuts and bolts where that would be helpful.

I won’t work hard to make this happen because it requires time that I could’ve been spending in my work for clients (instead of prospecting). I will be glad to spend time answering questions by email to give you a comfort level with how I’ll approach working for you.

Melbourne is my home base, but I have figured out how to work with firms all over the world. My clients hire me because they think I know what I’m doing and not because I’m nearby. I conduct all engagements via Zoom and Google Docs, which helps me to share screens and record calls for future reference.


If this is important, you may be too skeptical to benefit from a client relationship. I’d recommend that you read everything that interests you here and on my blog to get a feel for how I think and work with clients, and then just go with your gut. I appreciate new clients taking the time to familiarise themselves with my content.

I bill my clients automatically each month via Stripe credit card processing. Tax invoices are available via a convenient customer portal. I don't sign any clients up to long-term contracts, and don't offer discounting for annual commitments.

This policy is applied uniformly with every client - even large firms with atypical invoicing procedures.

I require at least 24 hours of notice for cancellations, to give me the chance to offer the timeslot to another client. If less than 24 hours notice is provided I will not refund the payment for the consultation. If adequate notice is given, I am happy to reschedule to the closest available timeslot.

My expertise is highly specialised and tested for architecture and interior design practices. I do not offer speculative marketing advice to brands in other verticals.

Dave Sharp does all the consulting. When you engage me, you're working with me directly.

The monthly fee described on my homepage covers my time meeting with you each month, the research I conduct prior to that meeting and a portion of the capacity I have available to answer questions via email and think about your firm between our meetings. It also contributes directly to the tools and apps I use to provide you with useful data and insightful analysis during our meetings.

Yes. If you need help with a single critical issue that appears to be preventing your firm from succeeding, or has stalled your marketing plan, then please book a consulting session here.

The first step is to sign up for my new client waitlist. Whenever I have capacity to take on new clients, I will reach out to whoever is waiting on this list with a questionnaire. If I believe that I can help your firm, I will notify you by email and provide options for a 20-minute introductory call. At that point if you and I both see the value in working together, great. I'll let you know if I'm able to take you on as an ongoing consulting client.

No. My consulting process adapts to architecture firms at every stage of the marketing journey. My typical client has very little experience setting up and managing analytics, marketing budgets, CRMs etc when we first start working together. If you're at a more advanced stage with your marketing, please let me know what data you have available prior to our kick-off meeting and I'll send a request for access.

I have worked with a number of fast-growing, successful firms who have no trouble getting work. They seek my advice on a wide range of subjects including: improving client quality, systems and processes, delegation and management, reporting to shareholders & boards, auditing external marketing vendors, personal branding, book launches, public speaking, pro bono & philanthropic initiatives and much more.

If I invite you to become an ongoing consulting client, and you decide to do it, I will send over options for a kick-off date in the next 6-8 weeks. Once you pick an option that suits your schedule, I'll confirm with a shared Google calendar invite that will be set to repeat automatically on the same day of the week every week for four weeks (the planning stage). I'll also send a unique Zoom meeting URL for our private conversations, and a link to a page where you will be asked to setup payment information for your first month. This will be billed immediately on completion, and cover your first four meetings. When you setup your payment, you'll create a unique password to login to my customer portal. From here, you'll be able to access all of your tax invoices. After the first month, your subscription will be downgraded to my minimum monthly fee covering one meeting each month. We will meet once every four weeks on an ongoing basis. Each month, you'll get an email notification 24 hours before our scheduled appointment.