Websites for Architects Course

Launching a new website for your firm in 2021 or refreshing the one you have – but not sure where to start? Over the last 6 years I’ve advised over 200+ architecture practices on how to launch or improve their websites.

During this 90-minute deep-dive course, I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned along the way about building a website that converts more (and better) architecture clients.

This course isn’t going to overload you with theory then leave you to figure it out on your own. I’m going to make sure that everything I teach you is straightforward, actionable, and effective – with plenty of real examples.

Unlike other digital marketing course, this one focuses specifically on the unique challenges architects face when it comes to website design and marketing.

Here’s what I cover:

👉 How to write friendly and straightforward copy for your website (without professional help).
👉 The four pages every website needs, that 90% of architects are missing.
👉 Examples of architecture websites that actually convert (that you’ll never believe).
👉 How to make your SEO 10x more effective without hiring an expensive agency.
👉 The cheap or free tools that will save you hours of your time and tell you exactly what visitors are doing on your website (so you don’t have to guess).
👉 Why you need to give your portfolio a major spring clean (and how to do it).
👉 How to start, grow, and sustain an email list that people will actually want to join (and why it should be your number one goal).

When you purchase access to this course you’ll receive a 2-hour HD recording, and a 75 page PDF of the slides.

Access to this course costs A$199 (approx. $137, £112).