Understanding The Client Journey with Antony Martin from MRTN

Published Categorized as Podcast

Antony Martin is the director of MRTN Architects, a small residential architecture firm based in Melbourne, Australia.

During this conversation Antony and I discuss the importance of mapping out specific client segments and personas before embarking on a marketing strategy. We discuss the reasons Antony hires a range of well-known architectural photographers, and how they help promote his practice online and in the media. And finally we learn about Antony’s latest marketing project, a series of essays that will help the firm to connect with prospects earlier on in the research phase.

Throughout the conversation Antony explains the long and winding journey a client goes on from first considering changing their housing situation, to the the day they walk into his studio. He shares practical ideas of how we, as architects, can structure out communication strategy to fit with the client journey, and how that can help to garner the interest of enthusiastic, engaged and adventurous clients.

If you’d like to learn more about MRTN’s work, you can connect with Antony on the following channels: