Anthony Clarke from BLOXAS – Specialising Your Architecture Practice

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Today I’m joined by Anthony Clarke from BLOXAS, a small architecture practice based in Melbourne that helps clients who live with cognitive impairments or issues of sensory perception: such as dementia, autism, Tourette’s, trauma and chronic fatigue.

BLOXAS began life following the typical trajectory of most architecture firms – growth, bigger projects, and recognition. Then in 2017, Anthony began a rebranding process, and discovered that his most fulfilling projects were related to his passion for psychology and neuroscience. He decided to pivot and focus exclusively on that field of research from then on. Today, Anthony has built substantial expertise in this niche area of architecture, and his services are now highly sought after within the communities for people living with these conditions.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How an intensive rebranding and strategy process that led Anthony to see his existing projects in a new light.
  • The risks and rewards of becoming a specialist firm.
  • The importance of being disciplined about saying no to work that falls outside your chosen niche.
  • How Anthony was able to draw on his personal interest in psychology to form a new foundation for his practice.
  • The importance of developing rigorous research techniques in order to build real expertise and speak more convincingly about your work.
  • The important role writing, speaking and film plays in expressing the process behind architecture

If you’d like to learn more about BLOXAS, you can visit or follow the practice on Instagram at @BLOXAS.